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FAQ overview


Questions about the pool
Question about payment options
Questions about shipping
Questions to chemical handling
Questions about the pool maintenance
Questions for Problem Handling
Questions about the parts replacement
Questions about potential damage
User Guide


Air Leaks

AiriSpa User Guide

AiriSpa User Guide.

This pool is not anymore available in our shop.

Document: Download Attachment
Change Power Pack

Change Topside Control Label

Damage from acid

Damage from algae

Damage from lime

Damage from rost

Error messages on display

Display error messages:

These error messages can be shown on the display of the power pack


Overheat. Meaning the hot water is not pumped into the pool. One reason for this may be that the waterpump is not running. In this case, please go to the question of heating. If the waterpump does run, refer to the error En1 / En2.

En1 / En2

This code comes from the sensors. En1 means that one of the two sensors can't read the water temperature. En2 means that both sensors have failed. No matter what code occurs, usually both sensors need to be replaced.

Filter Cleaning Procedure

General information
Here we have the frequently asked questions and answers
Question Answer
The pool has seats? No. Sitting directly on the padded floor. You can sit the way you want. So full freedom of movement.
What should I expect per month? Water pump needs power of a 40W light bulb. Bromine chemistry with approximately CHF 12/Mt. Eg change the water when soil is brought from outside into the pool. Complete cost CHF 32.-- per month with electricity and chemistry. (Spa2go 40.--).
Warranty? You bet. One year after purchase on all parts. After the warranty all parts can be ordered from me. The pool can continue to be serviced, either by me, on your behalf or guide you with my own.
How to pay? In advance via online banking, Paypal, bank or postal transfer.
Red payment slip + CHF 2.-- Admin fee or directly collect and pay cash.
Do they have other models? Yes, the Spa2go from the same manufacturer and from November 2011 the AiriSpa. Inflatable also available during all winter, cold, rain, snow and icy. The AiriSpa has only about 2cm thick exterior walls and the color can be changed depending on your mood.
Where there are spare parts? Everything is available from me and always in stock. From autumn 2011 ordered via the Internet at the store.
How the water is drained? Remove the pump so the water runs out to the bottom line or connect small suction pump. Suck hose.
Can I view such a pool? Yes. Call me at 079 667 88 37. If you like the pool, you can take one with you.
Why only offer you at this pool? The manufacturer does not have its own support center in Europe. Most dealers are only sellers and offer no support. But I have built my own support center and have all the spare parts in stock.
What if you are no longer there? I hope that I will be at least 100 years old. With a daily bath my chances have improved greatly already. ;-)
Why are you cheaper than others? I have my workshop and store at home. I order all the parts directly from the manufacturer without intermediate trade. I have no debts and a lean administration. On the first look I'm not always cheaper in numbers, but reading through these differences, I'm there anyway. All other portable pools are only summer-pools work only at temperatures above 5 degrees and no rain or snow can be accepted.
Since when are you and the product? The provider has existed since 1996 and since 2004 I sell his products, since 2009, I also offer support.
How can I pay?

Of course, you can choose different payment methods.

Bank Transfer

This is probably the most familiar way for you. It does not matter whether you make your online payment or make paper advice. You need the following information:

Konto: 01-00-617448-01 CHF
IBAN: CH69 0077 8010 0617 4480 1
BC-Nr. (SIC): 00778
Luzerner Kantonalbank AG, 6003 Luzern PayPal™      

PayPal is known worldwide as one of the most secure payment methods via Internet using a credit card without disclosing your password. You need register and then verify during PayPal™ only once. This is very easy. Your payment will accordingly passed correctly and reported to me as done. Your goods will be shipped immediately in most appropriate shipping method.

Please note that you can pay directly with PayPal without a PayPal account with a credit card! Cash on pickup

If you pick up your goods directly from me, so they can naturally cash.

How to contact the Support

Please make sure before contacting the repair service, you the following information present:

  • Date of purchase (warranty).
  • Serial No.
  • Modell
  • What is defect? Part name possibly according to the spare parts list.
  • Cause of the defect. External influence (animals, sabotage).
  • Is the error reproducible? (Short circuit, leakage).

How to use chemicals?
Applications of chemistry
Chemistry Usage How to apply
Delphin Spa Brom Tabs water disinfection enter 1-2 tablets directly into the float and let it swim around in the water.
Delphin Spa Oxy Fresh water disfection on oxygen basis 30-40g direct into the water - depending usage of the pool
Härte- und Metallstabilisator chalk-binding agents When filling or refilling up the pool, give directly into the water - before the chemical.
tube cleaner (Rohrreiniger) clean pool pump of fat On the eve before the water changes passed give directly into the pool.
Dosage box mini-mushroom Chemical release to water  
Pine scent non-foaming or coloring, pleasant pine scent give a small splash of it directly into thewater
Delphin Spa Oxy Support against algue 30ml once a week into the water
pH Plus / Minus Raising / Lower the pH value  
Delphin Spa Bio Floc bind small parts 30ml once a week into the water
pH tester tests the pH value  
Information on pool maintenance
Problem Possible cause Remedy
1. Turbid water, slippery walls
  • pH too high or too low
  • too little bromine
  • dirty filter
  • pH measured, and adjusted with pH-Minus/Plus on optimal value.
  • Bromine tablets are still present in the dosing device?
  • Rinse filter with water or change
2. Calcium deposits, rough pool walls, water milky
  • Total hardness of pool water is too high
  • Lime-binding agents such as Calcinex too little, check pH and adjust if incorrect.
3. Corrosion of metal parts
  • pH too low
  • Chlorine content is too high (when chlorine used)
  • Measure and adjust pH with pH-Plus.
4. Cloudy and milky water
  • inadequate filtration
  • Too many fatty substances dissolved
  • Filter is dirty or worn
  • organic contaminants
  • Incorrect pH
  • Check the filter, rinse or replace
  • Measuring the pH value and adjust
  • Bromine shock, fill dosage float with bromine regenerator, do not seal flap to float completely and left overnight in the bath water.
5. Water is green but clear or cloudy
  • Traces of iron from the fill water
  • Measuring the pH value and set to 7.2 - 7.6
  • Bromine shock as point 4
  • Ev. Wasser wechseln
  • Wash or change filters
6. flakes of algae in the water
  • Water quality is poor, bromine is set incorrectly, too much organic contaminants
  • Point 5
  • Eg. Give algae agent in the water. Algae are not destroyed by bromine, lime, since the protective layer of slime algae can not be penetrated.
not heating

No Heat Problems:


1.      What temperature is displayed on their topside display?


A) No temperature displayed-see troubleshoots GFCI.

B) ___ (Any temperature) do step 2.



2. Put hand over front of the return fitting and see if they have flow?




A) No –remove filter/make sure caps been removed from tub, unplug pack and bleed the unit, plug back in then  reset pressure switch manually by putting fingers over the return hole and stop the flow of water for about 15 seconds

B) Yes put finger over the return hole and stop the flow of water for about 15 seconds, this will close the pressure switch if a low flow condition has opened it.



3.       When you barely release your fingers do you feel a short pulse of warm water?



A) No—for some models -reset the high limit reset switch under right leg and try step 2B again and see if they feel a short pulse of warm water if no resolve must come in for repair or offer advance return.

B) Yes –Dirty filter-clean or replace it. Low flow is keeping pressure switch open.




How to remove Filter

1.      Unplug Unit

2.      Put caps in tub

3.      Open filter lid compartment and remove filter

4.      Close compartment

5.      Bleed unit


How to bleed a unit

1.      Make sure caps are out of tub.

2.      Unplug the unit

3.      Open air bleeder valve until water spits out.

4.      Close air bleeder valve

5.      Plug GFCI into wall outlet

6.      Verify water flow by feeling with hand in front of return fitting

7.      Reset high limit switch underright leg of power pack.

Notes on errors with the pool
Notes on pool error
problem Cause What to do
1. Sucking sounds at the pump
  • Filter is dirty or worn
  • water uction part in pool dirty
  • Not all cover is removed on the inner foil
  • Filter change
  • Remove all three covers from inner foil
  • Upper T-piece of dirt cleaned
2. loud squeal
  • Water pump runs dry
  • The three lids are not removed from inner foil
  • Flood water tank. Bleed vent valve in the lid
  • remove all three covers.
3. Dirt runs from filter tankk
  • Dirty water
  • Change the water. Pump with a hose, rinse well
4. Little hot water flow
  • Filter is dirty or worn
  • Heating pipe clogged with lime
  • Change or clean filters
  • Check if water pump is running, see point 7
  • Rinse with a hose pump. In filter box and both cables. If not better - Repair
5. Lime on the ground
  • Too little lime-binding agents such as Calcinex
  • At refilling or topping add More Calcinex to the water.
6. Water circulation is not running
  • Water pump does not start
  • Open filter tank and take out filter. Give a thrust to propeller with a small screwdriver. If it does not start up, repair.
7. Heating is not running
  • Filter too dirty or worn
  • Change or clean filters.
  • Stop water inlet port for a few seconds with fingers in the lower pool. When opening the connection, warm water must be noticeably. If not, repair.
Open PowerPack

Replace Blower

Replace propeller water pump

Replace sensors

Replace Upper Control Board

Replace water pipes

Replace water pump

Replace whole set of union assembly

Spa-n-a-box User Guide

coming soon

Spa-n-a-box User Guide

Always the latest User Guide

Document: Download Attachment
Spa2Go User Guide

Latest Spa2Go User Guide.

Caused by a much better lifetime and isolation do we sell only the spa-n-a-box in the future.

Replacement part are of course still availabe.

Document: Download Attachment
Swap Upper Control Panel

Search for More Questions...

What is under warranty?
Warranty period Declarations
1st - 30 day If a defect occurs within the first 30 days of purchase, customer must contact the seller via email. Mail address: info@sprudelbad.li

Any repair costs (excluding postage) omitted.

Excluding damage caused by improper handling or incorrect use of chemicals.

The customer must attach a proof of purchase invoice.
Before contacting support, you must have the following information available:
  • Proof of purchase and seller.
  • Detailed description of the error.
  • What does not work?
  • What did you do?
  • Since when is it not working?
  • Can you reproduce the error?
31st - 365 day If any defect after 31 Days, the customer must contact seller as Point 1.
The customer has a service charge of CHF 100 - paid then.
The defective part must be sent back to the seller. There it is tested, repaired and sent back to the customer.
What shipping method is used?

Your goods will be sent in the best ratio between speed and price to you. This can be discussed beforehand.

The options are:

  • Swiss Post Parcel B-Post
  • FedEx Express
  • DPD (Schweiz) AG
  • TNT Swiss Post AG
  • DHL CH


Where can I collect my item?

You can also pick up Your goods at my house.

This is my address

Baumann Christoph
Angelmatte 5
6043 Adligenswil

079 667 88 37